Réseau de Référence en Pathologie des Sarcomes des tissus mous et des viscères

Sarcomes - GIST - Desmoïdes

Welcome to RRePS

This application is the tool for collecting and managing cases of soft tissue and visceral sarcomas with a second histological review by French pathologists (private and public laboratories, competent centers, referent and coordinating centers). The National Institute of Cancer (INCa) has initiated this network of pathologists in 2009 with a labeling in 2014. This network is coordinated by 3 centers: Institut Bergonié in Bordeaux, Centre Léon Bérard in Lyon and Institut Gustave Roussy in Villejuif. The objectives of the network which is called RRePS (Réseau de Référence en Pathologie des Sarcomes des tissus mous et des viscères) are:

  • To assume a systematic second histological review for every new case of soft tissue and visceral sarcoma, GIST and desmoid tumor developed since January 2010
  • To improve the molecular diagnosis of these tumors
  • To reinforce the databases and collect of material
  • To develop research activity
  • To organize teaching and disseminate information on sarcomas

This network allows important progresses which benefit to the patients thanks to the collaboration of all pathologists who review mesenchymal tumors.

Content overview
  • Patients : 75478
  • Primary tumours : 76589
  • Samples : 91338

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